My Story

Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Back in 1997 a video game called GTA was born.  However, the graphics left something to be desired.  It wasn't long before someone made an editor so you could design your own cars and add them to the game.  I discovered this and started making my own designs, sticking with realism as much as I could with a 64 pixel square.

The first cars were not that good, though they did look similar to the cars in the game.  I had a mission, make better cars, and make ones that were not in the game.  Over the next several years, I made cars.  and made other things.  Eventually I had a decently sized parking lot:

The range of vehicles was wide, I even dabbled in my own designs for a while, but making real cars properly was always what I wanted. 

This is one of the last cars I made.   When I stopped making them, I was one of the top 5 car designers in the world for the first GTA game.

Custom Mapping

In 2004 a table top game was made called Wings of War.  Eventually the name was changed to Wings of Glory.  In 2012 it was decided that we needed a better surface to play on than a simple white table.  We needed to feel the experience of flying a WW1 airplane across the English countryside.  So I set out making one.  This was the first one.

At Gencon in 2015, I previewed a section of the map.  Lots of interest was shown in getting this map created and sold.  I am currently awaiting funding to form a Kickstarter to get this wonderfully huge(12ft by 20ft) map to the masses.

It was also during this time that Cmon came out with a cooperative zombie game called Zombicide.  The game has a modular board, where you can pick the tiles you want to play on and assemble them into a map, different every time. 

Also in 2012, I started developing many custom tiles that would fit the game.  They are Post Apocalyptic Game Tiles and they are marketed towards ANY post apocalyptic game you play. One side will work with any non-gridded game like Zombicide. The other side has a grid on it to use in RPGs and other tabletop games.

Unfortunately, it was during this time as well, that my wife became sick with ALS.  I had to place everything on hold until it was over.   She succumbed to ALS in 2018 and shortly there after I was able to start up again.  It was at that time, LingSter Games was incorporated!

So stick close, you never know what I’ll dream up next!