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Zombicide Expansion: Monty Python's Flying Circus

Zombicide Expansion: Monty Python's Flying Circus

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And now for something completely different.

The zombie invasion is about to get very silly indeed with the introduction of the Monty Python’s Flying Circus expansion for Zombicide 2nd Edition! Some of the most nonsensical creations from the classic TV show by the revered English comedy troupe are being brought to the tabletop through amazing miniatures and irreverent gameplay.

This set adapts some of the funniest sketches to ever grace the small screen into Survivors and hordes of enemies, as well as new Equipment and even a new Mission. Yes, most of these enemies are not really dead (they’re pining), but why should Monty Python start making sense now?

This pre-order includes an exclusive pack containing the Gumbys played by the whole Python troupe, which can be used as a collective Survivor, confounding Companions, or Abominations that will make your brain hurt.

Grab a herring, a raw chicken, or a good pair of mice-playing mallets, and get ready to face hordes of silly walkers, vicious grannies, fish-slapping dancers, and many other foes nobody expects!


  • 21 Miniatures
    • 6 Survivors
    • 7 “Zombies”
    • 8 Abominations
  • 8 Tokens
    • 1 Tea Token
    • 7 Mouse Tokens
  • 47 Cards
    • 6 Survivor ID Cards
    • 17 Equipment Cards
    • 5 Epic Equipment Cards
    • 5 Abomination Cards
    • 14 Zombie Spawn Cards
  • 1 Rules Leaflet

On a completely unrelated note, those getting the Monty Python’s Flying Circus expansion through this store will also get the EXCLUSIVE Gumby Pack, featuring the whole Python troupe as these adorable and annoying simpletons. This will be the only chance of getting this pack, which (did we mention already?) is EXCLUSIVE!

The Gumbys can be used in several different ways in your game:

  • Abomination: The mob of Gumbys work as a single Abomination, moving as a loud and clueless mob that can be taken out one by one. Their strength is in numbers, as they can overwhelm Survivors with their sheer stupidity (or a lucky brick to the head).
  • Companion: As ghastly as that may sound, the Gumbys can follow Survivors around as Companions, helping pummel zombies with their angry little clenched fists (it’s like throwing lemmings against a blender).
  • Survivor: If you gather enough Gumbys you can kinda make one half-decent Survivor. All 6 Gumbys together act as a single obnoxiously loud Survivor. The more there are, the more damage they deal hurling bricks, though each wound takes one Gumby out. Be careful though, as these guys are very prone to getting in the way of friendly fire.


  • 6 Gumby Miniatures
  • 1 Survivor ID Card
  • 1 Companion Card
  • 1 Abomination Card
  • 1 Skill Reference Cards
  • 1 Rules Leaflet


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